[Translate to Français:] COLOR ZOOM ’18

[Translate to Français:] ELEMENTAL

[Translate to Français:] About Color Zoom

[Translate to Français:] Welcome to the haute couture of hairstyling.

Amazing fashion meets stunning hairdressing artistry - that's Color Zoom. At
its heart there’s the Color Zoom Collection. Designed by the Global Winners
of the Color Zoom Challenge and two of Goldwell’s International Artists.


[Translate to Français:] Collection

[Translate to Français:] ELEMENTAL

The visionary and the elemental come together: Rawness meets refinement.
Solidity merges with translucency. Tone-on-tone colors play with
contrasting colors. Modern minimalistic shapes bear a rough, primal edge.
Airy handcrafted shapes express future-forward styling. Fuse technology with
creativity and return to the primal.


[Translate to Français:] Creative Team

[Translate to Français:] Color Zoom ’18 Creative Team

The annual Goldwell Color Zoom Collection is created by the Global Winners of the Color Zoom Challenge working with two of Goldwell’s International Artists.
Get to know the passionate stylists here.


[Translate to Français:] Education

[Translate to Français:] Made to inspire.

No Hair Fashion Collection can be transform successfully into your salon without the right education.


[Translate to Français:] COLORS, FORMULA AND PRODUCTS

[Translate to Français:] Hairdressing artistry deserves the best products.

Discover the Goldwell Mixing Recommendations behind the ELEMENTAL Collection and its futuristic looks with a primal edge. Combine the colors with complementing styling and care products.


[Translate to Français:] GOLDWELL EDUCATION PLUS APP

[Translate to Français:] Experience the Color Zoom Collection in 3D!

Download the App to see the color techniques and get a
360° step-by-step view for each of the key looks.


[Translate to Français:] CHALLENGE

[Translate to Français:] Bring your unique creativity, ideas and passion on stage. This is your platform to shine and to get recognized. The Color Zoom Challenge is one of the biggest Live-Competitions for Hairstylists. Take the challenge, become the next global Creative Star.


[Translate to Français:] Winners hall of fame

[Translate to Français:] See the current and former winners of the Color Zoom Challenge.

Find out more about some of the most creative hairdressers.


[Translate to Français:] GLOBAL ZOOM EVENT BARCELONA

[Translate to Français:] The Global Zoom Event is one of the most inspiring events for stylists from all over the world and in 2017 the event takes place in Barcelona. Days of hair fashion and idea sharing with other creative stylists will boost your creativity.

Be part of this and attend the live finals of the Color Zoom Challenge, witness the launch of the Color Zoom Collection and meet like-minded creative individuals.


[Translate to Français:] History

[Translate to Français:] Discover the former Color Zoom Collections.


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[Translate to Français:] Links to the country website's press section.

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